The Footpath

altThe heritage footpath is located on the land behind the Tracadie-Sheila town hall.  The 477-meter path begins at the Académie Ste-Famille and ends at the lepers’ cemetery, bearing witness to the work of the Religieuses Hospitalières St-Joseph in the history of the region.

The characteristic elements that describe the heritage footpath include in particular.

  • altLocation on the site of the hospital and the Lazaret (1896-1943);
  • Explanatory signs for each landmark;
  • Caduceus and the corner stone of the Hôtel-Dieu St-Joseph (1946-1991) that was recovered after its demolition in 1991: these are integrated in a low wall;
  • Proximity of the river;
  • Trees along the path;
  • Monument erected by: The Commission of Historical Landmarks and Monuments of Canada (September 27, 1993).

On October 10, 1999, during the heritage celebration in Tracadie-Sheila, the heritage footpath was inaugurated under the honorary chairmanship of Senator Madame Rose-Marie Cool.

Lepers’ Cemetery (1899-1964):

altThe heritage footpath leads us close to the river to the lepers’ cemetery where 59 tombs, 19 of which were young people under the age of 20.  In this special cemetery, one can find people of all ages and especially of different nationalities, namely Icelanders, Chinese, Russians, British, Acadians, one Scottish and one Assyrian.